ASW MedChem, Inc. is providing various types of services including but not limited to:

Custom chemical synthesis service

Our team of the most diligent and experienced chemists are ready to tackle any challenging synthetic target on a scale ranging from grams to kilograms for a reasonable price and on time delivery. Our areas of expertise in synthesis include unnatural alpha and beta amino acids, novel amines; multi-functionalized heterocycles; chiral synthesis & resolutions; enzymatic resolutions; novel acids, ketones, boronic acids, etc. We also welcome any specific custom synthesis inquiries. Our goal is to provide the best value at the most completive price.

Contract research service

Our contract research services can help design and implement practical synthetic routes. We are currently offer the industry standard F.T.E ("full time equivalents") service, both on a short term basis (a few weeks) and on a long term basis (a few months). Moreover, we offer our research facilities for the development of new products, particularly in the areas of focused combichem libraries, combinatorial chemistry building blocks, heterocycles and other organic intermediates.

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